18 June 2024

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We welcomed poet and author, Ash Dickinson, back in to school in June to lead Poetry Workshops for our Year 10 students.

The workshops took place throughout the whole day to enable all students to spend time with him.

Ash's previous workshops at CHS have helped to give our students a greater understanding and appreciation of poetry and also inspired many to try their own hand at writing.

Here are two examples of some of the creative and thoughtful work our Year 10 students achieved during the workshops:

Gethin S

I cast the rod
with crazy strength
Into the channel.
The shiny silver glistening in the sun,
as it flows through the water.
I feel at peace.

Ethan B 

This is a Shadorma poem - a poetic form originally from Spain with six lines and a set syllable structure. This one is about missing a penalty

Hits his arm
Penalty is called
Three steps back
Crowd is sure
Hits the ball, face shifts like sand
Team offering hand



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